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Vol. 53 (2012) No. 2 June n. 172

Guy Tension Influence on the Structural Behavior of a Guyed Mast

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  • Journal Name: Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (J. IASS)
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 1996-9015
  • ISSN: (Print Version) 1028-365X
  • Issue: Vol. 53 (2012) No. 2 June n. 172
  • Pages: 111-116
  • Title: Guy Tension Influence on the Structural Behavior of a Guyed Mast
  • Author(s): A. Carrasco-Luzardo, V. E. Parnás and P. Martín-Rodríguez
  • Keywords: Guyed mast, cable tension, wind load, initial tension.
Guyed masts are a specialized type of structure commonly used in the broadcasting industry to support equipment at substantial heights. The stability of these structures is based on prestressed guy cables. The level of prestressing is specified by the designer and should be rectified periodically. Excessive relaxation can make the guys sensitive to galloping, while high tensions can produce vibrations of the cables; for these reasons it is recommended that the cable tension values should be within a certain range. This work investigates the effects of changes in the cable tensions on the displacements of a mast, the axial forces of the members and the dynamic characteristics of a mast. The results show that an increase of the cables tension in the studied range produces a decrease of up to 33% of the axial forces in the legs under extreme wind load, and produces a significant increment in the natural frequency of the mast.

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