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Vol. 53 (2012) No. 3 September n. 173

Maximally Transparent Barrel-Vaulted Glass Roof

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  • Journal Name: Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (J. IASS)
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 1996-9015
  • ISSN: (Print Version) 1028-365X
  • Issue: Vol. 53 (2012) No. 3 September n. 173
  • Pages: 163-168
  • Title: Maximally Transparent Barrel-Vaulted Glass Roof
  • Author(s): K.J. Haarhuis
  • Keywords: Glass; arch; barrel-vaulted; roof; connection; transparent joint; prestressed cables
Barrel-vaulted glass roofs can be used for a wide range of buildings, such as shopping arcades and railway stations. In many cases, these structures consist of a series of steel arches with glass panes in between, leaving the structural capacity of the glass untapped. For this reason, a new glass structure has been developed, providing maximum transparency with a minimum amount of steel. This has led to a structure with small connections, fully integrated into the glass, as well as clear, transparent joint fillers. Barely visible prestressed cables stabilize the structure. Finite element analysis and a full-scale test has been performed, showing PVB-laminated glass with a total thickness of 30 mm could be sufficient to span up to 15 meters.

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