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Vol. 56 (2015) No. 2 June n. 184

Polar Method to Design Foldable Plate Structures

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  • Journal Name: Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (J. IASS)
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 1996-9015
  • ISSN: (Print Version) 1028-365X
  • Issue: Vol. 56 (2015) No. 2 June n. 184
  • Pages: 125-136
  • Title: Polar Method to Design Foldable Plate Structures
  • Author(s): V. Beatini
  • Keywords: folded plates, over constrained mechanisms, curved foldable plates, origami, kinetic architecture, flexible meshes, polar method
The paper considers non-developable foldable plate structures. It presents a design method to approximate any surface made by the translation of a generic curve along a straight line or connected segments. The method achieves a continuous, foldable 3D grid which approximates the target surface along two perpendicular directions. The parameters defining the target surface and the sharpness of the folded plates can be freely set.

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