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On-line Journal of the IASS


June 2012 issue

Use the menu buttons immediately above to access the online Journal of the IASS, including all issues from 1996 forward (listed here in reverse chronological order).  This international journal is currently published four times yearly, in March, June, September and December.  Typically, one issue per year is a special issue on a particular theme with guest editors and invited papers.

The tables of contents, abstracts, keywords and other article metadata are visible to the public, but one must be logged in as a member or be a subscriber to view the full articles and/or to download them as .pdf files.  (The Free Sample Issue is available in full to all.)  Using the All Issues menu item you can access one or more issues.

About the search functions

quick search:  Type in the quick search box to search by keyword, author and/or words in the title or abstract. Separate multiple search items by commas (,) or semi-colons (;). The suggestions while you type are based on all of the available titles, authors, keywords and abstract words.

Advanced Search: Selecting this takes you to the Advanced Search page that allows you to search using specific data fields such as keywords, title words or author names in a particular issue.

More Information about the Journal

For more information about the J. IASS, including how to submit a contribution, see the sub-pages of this website under the menu item Journal of the IASS.


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