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New Membership Application

International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures

The application form below is to be used only for new memberships.  [Please do not use this form for membership renewals; instead, please log in and use the Member Tools area to submit your renewal.] 

You will receive an Email acknowledgement when your membership becomes active, after your application and payment have been received by the IASS Secretariat.  (Credit card or PayPal payments are processed and acknowledged immediately.  If you are paying by bank transfer, fax or postal mail, this acknowledgement may take some time to arrive.   Questions or problems may be addressed to iass@cedex.es.)
NOTE: To ensure that IASS E-messages are delivered directly to your inbox without interruptions by spam filters, please add both iass@iass-structures.org and iass@cedex.es to your address book.

Membership Categories and Annual Dues:

  • Individual members (85 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS
  • Collective members (425 per year): companies, firms, universities or institutes that share the aims of the Association, wish to support it, and wish to extend the benefits of IASS membership to their staff and to their entire organization.
  • Student members (10 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS and who are currently undergraduate or postgraduate students at a recognized institution of higher learning.  (See special instructions and limitations below.)

Membership Terms are for Calendar Years:

  • All memberships expire on December 31 of the relevant year
  • New memberships entered prior to October 1 are retroactive to January 1, and back copies of the print Journal to that date will be provided to those eligible
  • New memberships entered on or after October 1 are effective immediately but are valid through the succeeding year
  • You have the option of paying for a single year or for multiple years

Payment Methods (all payments in Euros):

  • Credit or Debit Card via the PayPal option, with immediate acknowledgement [Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards accepted]
  • PayPal Account, with immediate acknowledgement
  • Bank Transfer, with deferred acknowledgement [Download a PDF file (67 KB) of Bank Transfer Instructions here]

[This page last updated 1 January 2017]

New Membership Application Form


  1. Individuals: Please enter your surname in all UPPER CASE letters. 
  2. StudentsPlease enter your surname in all UPPER CASE letters.  Note that your 4-digit "Year Degree Expected" must be later than, or concurrent with the expiration year of your Student membership, and we may ask you to provide proof of your student status.  Also, please note that the only Journal Delivery Option valid for Student members is "Electronic Delivery Only."  Finally, we ask for your 4-digit Year of Birth for possible future validation of eligibility for the Hangai Prize for young members and to verify that you are at least 18 years of age.
  3. Collective members:  Each Collective member should have one Representative who is the contact and voting member.  Please enter the surname of the Collective Representative in all UPPER CASE letters, and enter the email address of this contact person.
  4. All: When you have completed entering your membership information, go to the bottom of the form and be sure to enter or double click the Confirmation Code and then to click (only once) the "Save and Continue ->" button to proceed to the payment step.  
  5. Options for Member Profile: The fields near the end of this form allow Individuals/Students/Chapter Repersentatives the option to enter your Profession, Fields of Interest, and a brief Biographic Sketch.  Unless you choose to "make my record private," these will appear with your entry in the on-line Directory that is accessible only by IASS members.  These entries are intended to allow members to connect better with members from around the world with similar interests.
  6. Options for Collective members:  A number of membership benefits are optionally available to Collective members, and you can find instructions for implementing them by clicking here.

Please note: You are using an outdated browser which is not fully compatible with this interactive form. Although you should still be able to use this form, your experience would be more enjoyable if you used a modern browser (such as Mozilla Firefox).

Red fields are required. Black fields are optional. Gray fields are not applicable (based on your other selections).

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