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Monday, October 16, 2017
IASS Hangai Prizes for 2017

At the IASS 2017 Symposium in Hamburg, the following Hangai Prizes were conferred and the winning papers were presented in plenary sessions:

  • Ya Feng Wang (China): "Finding generalized and customized tensegrity systems by MILP-based topology optimization"
  • Tim Michiels (USA): "Parametric study of masonry shells form-found for seismic loading"
  • Hiromi Yasuda (USA): "Tunable frequency band structure of origami-based mechanical metamaterials"
  • Romain Mesnil (France): "Non-standard patterns for gridshell structures: fabrication and structural optimization"
See http://www.iass-structures.org/index.cfm/page/Hist/HPr.htm for more information.
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