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President 1971-1979
Torroja Medalist 1984

Photo credit: SETESCO, J.I. Schiffmann, Brussels, Belgium

Paduart was born in Dover (UK) and educated in Ostend (Belgium). After his graduation in Civil Engineering from the University of Brussels in 1936 he worked several years in two different engineering companies. He became an expert in new developments in concrete construction like prestressed concrete and thin concrete shells. In 1946 he earned his Ph.D. at the U of Brussels and became a Professor in Structural Engineering in 1954. His relationship to practice was manifested in the foundation of the structural engineering office SETESCO in 1957; as head of this office up to his death, he designed and supervised the design of hundreds of buildings, bridges and other constructions.

Andrè Paduart was a founding member of IASS and one of the most active figures of the Association. He served as a long-time member of the Executive Council, was a Vice-President and its third President (1971-1980). He was the founder and chairman of Working Group 3 on Cooling Towers. In 1984, the IASS awarded him the Torroja medal.

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