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Hangai Prize

In memory of Professor Yasuhiko Hangai (Japan, 1942-1998), a very active member of the IASS and its Executive Council, and in accordance with his career-long encouragement for young people, the Hangai Prize recognizes talented young researchers, designers, and engineers working in the field of shell and spatial structures.  This recognition is achieved by selecting outstanding submissions to the Annual IASS Symposium in the form of research papers, résumés of design projects, or innovative ideas.

To address inquiries about the Hangai Prize not answered by the following sections of this page, e-mail the prize committee.

16th Hangai Prize, 2018: The next round of the Hangai Prize competition is for the IASS 2018 Symposium to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 16-20 July 2018, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  General application instructions are detailed below, including the specific deadlines.  Please note that the deadline for the full paper submission to the Hangai Prize Committee is earlier than the deadline for submission of full papers to the IASS 2018 Symposium.


To be considered, papers must not only be submitted to the annual symposium but also be explicitly entered into the Hangai Prize Contest.  Papers that have previously been submitted for publication in the Journal of the IASS are not eligible for entry in the Hangai Prize competition.

To be eligible for the prize, the applicant need not be a member of the IASS but must:

  1. be under the age of thirty at the end of the calendar year of the Annual Symposium, 
  2. be the primary contributor of the research, the project, or the idea presented and as such be the first or sole author of the paper,
  3. upload a full-paper manuscript to the Annual Symposium website by the established deadline together with the completed Hangai Prize entry form, and
  4. if selected as a winner, attend the Symposium to present the paper in a plenary session and to receive the prize.

Presentation and Benefits

The Prizes are presented during the Annual Symposium.  Each prize consists of:

(1) a certificate and medal,
(2) reduced fees for the symposium,
(3) a free one-year IASS membership, and
(4) publication of the contributions in both the Symposium Proceedings and the Journal of the IASS.

As an incentive for entering the competition, all applicants - whether winners or not - who attend and present their papers at the Annual Symposium receive a free one-year IASS membership. 

How to Apply for the 16th Hangai Prize, 2018

To apply formally for the Hangai Prize, the full paper with the applicant as the first or sole author should be uploaded to the Symposium online application and uploading website by 31 January 2018 (no extensions possible!). The format and length limit for full papers must conform to the required template and restrictions for the symposium, which are specified on the symposium website.  Applicants should NOT submit an abstract to the symposium website because the Hangai Prize review process is separate from the rest of the symposium’s abstract and paper review process. The acceptance for Hangai-prize papers for presentation at the symposium will be announced by 21 April 2018, but the winners of the prize contest will not be announced until June because further review is needed for these decisions.

List of past recipients of the Hangai Prize


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