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Torroja Medal


According to the Statutes of the IASS, Article 23, the Executive Council may from time to time award the Eduardo Torroja Medal to a member or nonmember of the Association in recognition of outstanding and distinguished contributions to design, construction or research of shell and/or spatial structures.  The medal represents the highest individual recognition given by the Association to individuals who embody the ideals and accomplishments of Eduardo Torroja, the founding President of the IASS.


The Torroja Medal may be awarded to members or nonmembers of the Association.  The Medal should be awarded on the average of once every two years.

Nomination and Selection Procedure

Once each year, the Association shall invite nominations for the Torroja Medal by reminding the membership of these criteria, guidelines and procedure. Three Individual members of the Association, including members of the Working Bureau (WB) or the EC, can nominate and initiate the process. Nominations must reach to the President or the IASS Secretariat, with supporting documents that include a professional biosketch and a summary of the qualifications for the Medal, at least four months in advance of the scheduled Annual Symposium of the IASS. The President will then discuss the nomination among the members of the WB. If the majority of the WB supports the nomination, the written documentation is refined and sent to the Executive Council (EC), preferably in advance of the annual meeting. The Torroja Medal can be officially approved only by the EC, and normally it is conferred at the Annual Symposium of the following year. In accordance with the IASS Statutes, Article 15, all voting in the Council shall be by a majority of two thirds of all members present, written proxies being allowed. If there are more nominees than available positions, voting of the Executive Council shall determine the selection and number of honorees. If the President in consultation with the WB determines that accelerated consideration is desirable, discussion or approval can take place through electronic communication, in which case a two-thirds majority of the full EC shall be required, without proxies.

Presentation and Benefits

The Torroja Medal is presented during the Annual Symposium of the IASS, either during a plenary session or the banquet ceremony; and it is customary to invite the recipients to deliver a plenary lecture.  The benefits of the award are: (1) the Medal, engraved with the name of the recipient and the year of award, (2) lifetime dues-free Individual membership in the IASS, and (3) posting of the photo and biosketch of the awardee on the Association website.

List of recipients of Torroja Medal


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