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The Eduardo Torroja Medal

Torroja Medalists

The Torroja Medal was established by the Executive Council of 1971 to promote the aims and objectives of the Association to the world body of engineers and architects. The engraved medal represents the highest individual recognition given by the Association to members or nonmembers of the Association in recognition of outstanding and distinguished contributions to design, construction or research of shell and/or spatial structures. It is conferred upon those who embody the ideals and accomplishments of Eduardo Torroja.

The Torroja Medal is named in honor of the Founding President of the IASS, Professor Eduardo Torroja (Spain, 1899-1961), one of the world's great structural engineers.  Each of his works, from a humble chapel hidden in the mountains to the well-known and masterpiece structures of the Algeciras Market and the Madrid Racecourse Tribune, shows a lesson of originality and simplicity based on the knowledge of the way structures work and the possibilities of the "new materials" of his era, such as reinforced and prestressed concrete. Torroja was also a humanist, a great teacher, a manager of several companies and testing laboratories, and a pioneering researcher.

Though the Executive council in 1971 decided to give the Medal both to Professor Arend M. Haas (the former President of IASS) and to the wife of Eduardo Torroja, the first Medal was awarded in 1974 to Professor Haas only. This was due to the unforeseen delays in the process of the Medal design. Since 1974, the award has been given to 25 individuals, including multiple conferrals in 2009 in celebration of the 50th Anniversary Jubilee of the Association.

The Torroja Medalists are listed here in the order of the year of conferral.

Arend M. Haas (*) The Netherlands 1974
Mrs. Eduardo Torroja (*) Spain 1975
Yoshikatsu Tsuboi (*) Japan 1976
Florencio del Pozo (*) Spain 1979
Andre Paduart (*) Belgium 1984
Rafael López Palanco Spain 1988
Herman Rühle (*) Germany 1990
Stefan J. Medwadowski USA 1991
Alexander C. Scordelis (*) USA 1994
Heinz Isler (*) Switzerland 1996
Gian Carlo Giuliani Italy 1999
Mamoru Kawaguchi Japan 2001
Jörg Schlaich Germany 2004
Ihsan Mungan (*) Turkey 2009
Ekkehard Ramm Germany 2009
Masao Saitoh Japan 2009
Ture Wester (posthumously) (*) Denmark 2009
Massimo Majowiecki Italy 2010
Horst Berger USA 2012
R. Sundaram India 2012
Frei Otto (*) Germany 2013
John F. Abel USA 2013
Julius Natterer Switzerland 2014
Jack V. Christiansen (*) USA 2016
René Motro France 2016
Hoshyar Nooshin UK 2018§

(*) Deceased
§   Approved by the Executive Council in 2017 for conferral in 2018



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