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Journal Reviewing

Journal of the IASS

Reviewing (and re-reviewing) of submitted manuscripts for Technical Papers and Project Reports are conducted on-line through this website. 

To have access to the on-line review system (the "Journal Curation System"), reviewers must be logged in as a member of the IASS or as a non-member user -- and to have been assigned a manuscript to review or re-review.  (See Log In Instructions: Members, Subscribers & Reviewers.)

After logging in, reviewers may view the "Instructions for Reviewers" from the right-hand menu.  (This is a recapitulation of the instructions included in the Email message sent to all reviewers upon initial assignment of a manuscript for review.)  

When a reviewer is assigned to a manuscript, he or she will receive an e-mail notification from the system and will have access to the manuscript (and other relevant documents such as responses to reviewers' comments from authors), which may be viewed on-screen, downloaded, or printed.  In addition, the full review form (and an abbreviated form for re-reviews) may be completed and submitted on-line. 

If the reviewer prefers to provide the review off-line, the appropriate blank review form may be downloaded by clicking on one of the following links:

These forms may also be requested from the Associate Editor at the Secretariat. Completed review forms may be submitted by attachment to an e-mail or by fax or mail to the IASS Secretariat. 

Please address any questions or problems to the Associate Editor


This page last updated 8 December 2013

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