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Subscription Information

Journal of the IASS

Libraries and other organizations may purchase subscriptions to the Journal at annual subscription rates set from time to time by the IASS Executive Council.  Effective 1 January 2017, the current annual rates and options (payable in Euros by credit card or bank transfer) are:

Subscription Type Rate   Comments
Print Version only (ISSN 1028-365X) €85   Published four times yearly (March, June, September and December)
Electronic Version only (ISSN 1996-9015) €110   See advantages and options below
Both Print and Electronic Versions €170   Subscribe to both and save

Electronic Version Advantages:
  • All articles in PDF format with unlimited downloads allowed
  • No special licensing agreement needed beyond a valid subscription
  • Access to all digitized back issues (currently from 1996 forward)
  • Saves trees!  Saves mailing!  Saves binding!  Saves space!

Electronic Version Options:
  • All electronic subscribers have access by log-in and password, which is sufficient for small subscriber groups
  • But in addition for libraries, Collective members and other large groups, the option is available for access by IP number(s) without log-in and password by connecting directly to:

Access by IP number(s) is available upon placing or renewing a subscription, and IP numbers can be edited or added for any electronic subscriber by logging in and using Member Tools > Edit Your Subscriber Profile.  (Note that Subscribers must have an Email address on file with the IASS to log in.  See Log In Instructions: Members, Subscribers & Reviewers.)

New subscriptions to the Journal can be placed on-line by clicking on Subscribe either here or on the Online Journal page.  

Subscription Renewals can be placed by first logging in and then using Member Tools > Renew your Subscription.


Information for Subscription Agencies


[This page last updated 1 January 2017]

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