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Log In Instructions for Members, Subscribers and Reviewers

Important Note: Members/Subscribers/Reviewers will NOT be able to log in to the members-only portion of this website unless they have correct Email addresses on file within the IASS member database because, to obtain a temporary password that will enable logging in, members must be able to receive an Email generated by the website security system.

NOTE: To ensure that IASS E-messages are delivered directly to your inbox without interruptions by spam filters, please add both iass@iass-structures.org and iass@cedex.es to your address book.

Following are two alternative sets of instructions to enable first-time logging in by members, subscribers or Journal reviewers:

If you do NOT have an Email address on file with the IASS (or if your Email address has changed or you are not sure if the IASS has your Email address):

    • Send an Email to iass@cedex.es with your Email address and sufficient information to identify yourself (or vist, call or write the Secretariat with your Email address)
    • The Secretariat will verify your membership and enter your Email into the secure on-line member database
    • When you receive an acknowledgement from the Secretariat that your Email has been successfully entered, continue with the following steps

If you do have a correct Email address on file with the IASS:

    • Your User Name will be either your Email address (more probable) or your <forename><surname>, the latter with no space and no "<" or ">"
    • Select Log In at the top of the page and use the "First time logging in or forgot your password?" feature
    • The website security system will quickly generate a temporary Password and send it to you in an Email, and it may contain special characters or be rather arbitrary
    • Now log in by entering your User Name and copying and pasting the Password into the fields on the Log In page
    • Once you have logged in with a temporary password, you will be required to change your password to something you are more likely to remember

If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve within a few tries, please contact the Secretariat at iass@cedex.esNOTE: To ensure that IASS E-messages are delivered directly to your inbox without interruptions by spam filters, please add both iass@iass-structures.org and iass@cedex.es to your address book. 

Any time Members or Subscribers are logged in, they can select Member Tools at the top of the page and Edit Your Member Profile, where you can change your User Name and/or Password as well as other personal information such as your Email address and mailing address.  If your Email address is likely to change often, it would be logical to use something other than your Email address for your User Name.  You are free to choose a unique User Name.

What you can do or will find in the Members-Only Portion of the Website:

    • The Directory, which contains information about the profession and interests of the members who choose to list these
    • The electronic edition of the Journal of the IASS, including recent back issues, downloadable articles, and E-only special issues
    • Member Tools for on-line renewing of membership or subscription, updating of your member profile, voting in the annual IASS election, etc.
    • Information on the current membership and activities of each IASS Working Group
    • If you are, say, a Working Group chair or have been assigned special privileges, the ability to edit relevant portions of the website


This page last updated 23 February 2011.

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