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IASS Hangai Prize Selection Committee


To solicit entries to the annual Hangai Prize competition for younger members of the Association and to select the winners.

Committee Membership

K. Kawaguchi (Japan) -- Chair
J. F. Abel (USA) -- ex officio as Past President
R. Motro (France) -- ex officio as President
S. Pelegrino (USA) -- ex officio as Chair of the Editorial Committee
M. Takayama (Japan) -- Past Chair
T. Kumagi (Japan)
M. Miki (Japan)
H. Ohmori (Japan)
T. Tachi (Japan)

Note:  Other reviewers added on an ad hoc basis, depending on the number of applicants.

To address inquiries about the Hangai Prize not answered by the Hangai Prize page, e-mail the prize committee.


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