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IASS Technical Activities through Working Groups

Public Information about Working Groups

The Association sponsors the technical activities of the following Working Groups and publishes their state-of-the-art reports and their recommendations on design and construction.  In addition, each active Working Group typically organizes one or more technical sessions at the IASS annual symposium, and these sessions incorporate an information component to update attendees on the activities of the group and to attract new members.  

In the table below there are links (in light blue text) to brief summaries of the mission and objectives of the active Working Groups.  More details from the annual reports about the recent and planned activities, membership and publications of the Working Groups are viewable in the members-only portion of this site, accessed by logging in and selecting the different menu item entitled "Working Group Details for IASS Members."

The Working Group efforts are overseen by the Technical Activities Committee (TAC), which in turn reports annually to the IASS Executive Council and the Association Membership.  The current chair of the TAC is Professor Carlos Lázaro (Spain). The annual reports of the TAC are available here or from the menu on the right.

Any member of the IASS may join one or more Working Groups that coincide with their expertise or interest, provided they are willing to participate actively in the efforts of the group.  In addition, Working Groups are interested in attracting nonmembers of the Association as consulting outside experts, with the hope of their eventually joining the IASS.  For inquiries about membership, contact the chair of the Working Group or the IASS Secretariat.  [If you are a member of IASS, you can obtain contact information by logging in and consulting the members-only Directory.]

Public Information about Currently Active Working Groups

WG No.



WG 3 Technical Expert Group on Cooling and Solar Updraft Towers R. Harte (Germany)
WG 4 Technical Expert Group on Masts and Towers M. Nielsen (Denmark), R. Christensen (Denmark)
WG 5 Concrete Shell Roofs S. Adriaenssens (USA), P. Block (Switzerland)
WG 6 Tension and Membrane Structures K. Kawaguchi (Japan), M. Mollaert (Belgium), R. Shaeffer (USA)
WG 8 Metal Spatial Structures T. Takeuchi (Japan), S.D. Xue (China), S. Kato (Japan)
WG 12 Timber Spatial Structures A. Falk (Sweden), M. He (China)
WG 13 Computational Methods K.-U. Bletzinger (Germany), C. Lazaro (Spain), M. Ohsaki (Japan)
WG 15 Structural Morphology N. De Temmerman (Belgium)
WG 17 Historical Spatial Structures E. Saliklis (USA), R. Tarczewski (Poland)
WG 18 Environmentally Compatible Structures P. Vegh (Canada)
WG 20 Teaching of Shell and Spatial Structures O. Popovic Larsen (Denmark), S. Alireza Behnejad (UK)
WG 21 Advanced Manufacturing and Materials A. Pronk (The Netherlands), J. Orr (UK)


Working Groups That Have Completed Their Efforts and Been Dissolved

WG No.



WG 1 Tanks and Silos M. Rotter (UK)
WG 2 Construction Methods & Quality Controls G.C. Giuliani (Italy), M. Kawaguchi (Japan)
WG 7 Pneumatic Structures Y. Tsuboi (Japan)
WG 9 Industrialized Spatial Structures S. Polonyi (Germany
WG 10 Shear Wall Structures G. Mehlhorn (Germany)
WG 11 Ferrocement H. Ruehle (Germany)
WG 14 Building Physics of Spatial Structures M. Papadopoulos (Greece)
WG 16 Retractable Roofs K. Ishii (Japan)
WG 19 Temporary Spatial Structures T. Murota (Japan)


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