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Working Group 5: Concrete Shell Roofs


Encourage and synthesize presentations, reports and publications on projects, designs and research related to reinforced concrete shell roofs


Working Group 5 on Concrete Shells was formed in the early 1970s during the second decade of the Association.  Its main accomplishment during that decade was the publication of Recommendations for Reinforced Concrete Shells and Folded Plates (IASS, Madrid, 1979, 66 pp.), a document that influenced a number of subsequent national building codes and was translated into Japanese and Spanish.  The name of the Working Group was subsequently changed to Concrete Shell Roofs.  After a period of inactivity, the efforts of the group were revived in the 1990s by the then chair of the WG, Stefan Medwadowski (also President of the IASS during the 1990s). 

Current Objectives

A.  Organize sessions at IASS Symposia and Colloquia related to concrete shell roofs.

B.  Assemble and revise on the Working Group website a State-of-the-Art/Practice Report on Concrete Shell Roofs with six chapters:

  1. Introduction,
  2. Shape Finding,
  3. Computer Analysis and Design,
  4. Design of Reinforcement,
  5. Buckling, and
  6. Construction Methods and Quality Control.

C.  Contribute to the organization and editing of Special Issues of the Journal of the IASS related to concrete shell roofs.

D.  Seek to support additional publications that include coverage of concrete shell roofs.

E.  Accumulate publications and links on the Working Group website relevant to the mission, objectives and activities of the WG and of potential value to those interested in concrete shell roofs.

F.  Collaborate with other IASS Working Groups on matters related to concrete shell roofs, especially Working Group 17 on Historic Structures and Working Group 15 on such subjects as form finding and tile roofing.

Recent Activities

Organized two sessions for IASS-SLTE 2014 held in Brasilia, Brazil:

  •  "Design & Performance of Concrete Shell Roofs Subject to Extreme Loadings" - five papers, including one keynote paper on the theme of the session
  •  "Nontraditional Forming and Reinforcement of Concrete Shells" - five papers

Involved in the co-sponsoring of the conference “International Conference on Shells, Plates and Beams (SPB2015)” held in Bologna, Italy, 16-18 September 2015.

Organized a two-part session for IASS 2015: Future Visions, Amsterdam on “New Directions for Shell Structures.”  Based on this session, planned and organized the submission of 9 papers for a special issue of the Journal of the IASS on the state-of-the-art of shell structures, published in 2017.

Suggested and discussed a name change of the working group to reflect the scope of shell roof design and construction beyond the specific material “concrete,” and prepared a formal proposal to this effect for submission to the Executive Council.

Current Membership

All current members of the Working Group, listed below, are members of the IASS. The Working Group welcomes additional members who have an interest in Concrete Shell Roofs; those interested should please contact one of the Chairs of the Working Group (Find e-mail addresses in the IASS Directory by logging in).

Prof. Dr. Sigrid ADRIAENSSENS (Chair) - United States
Prof. Dr. Phillippe BLOCK (Chair) - Switzerland

Prof. John ABEL - United States
Arch. Eng. Michael Valentin BALZ - Germany
Eng. Richard BRADSHAW - United States
Eng. Victor CHARPENTIER - United States
Prof. John CHILTON - United Kingdom
Prof. Mario Alberto CHIORINO - Italy
Mr. Robert ESPLIN - United States
Dr. Maria GARLOCK - United States
Dr. Gian Carlo GIULIANI - Italy
Dr. Phillip GOULD - United States
Mr. Bharath GOWDA - India
Prof. Tien LAN - China
Dr. Marisela MENDOZA - United Kingdom
Eng. Tim MICHIELS - United States
Dipl. Ing. Frank OMLOO - Belgium
Dr. Shadi OSTOVARI DAILAMANI - United Kingdom
Prof. Ekkehard RAMM - Germany
Dr. Landolf RHODE-BARBARIGOS - United States
Dr. Satwant RIHAL - United States
Prof. Avelino SAMARTIN QUIROGA - Spain
Prof.Dr.Eng Mutsuro SASAKI - Japan
Mr. Edward SEGAL - United States
Mr. Ben SITLER - New Zealand
Mr. Andrew SOUTH - United States
Prof. Dr. Narendra SRIVASTAVA - Canada
Arch. Eng. R. SUNDARAM - India
Prof. Makoto TAKAYAMA - Japan
Dr. Tibor TARNAI - Hungary
Dr. VAN MELE - Switzerland
Mr. Diederik VEENENDAAL - Switzerland
Ms. Maryanne WACHTER - Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Susumu YOSHINAKA - Japan


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