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Working Group 6: Tension and Membrane Structures


Encourage and synthesize presentations, reports and publications on projects, designs and research related to tension structures, such as membrane structures, cable structures, tensegrities and hybrid structures.

Current Objectives

A.  Organize sessions at IASS Symposia and Colloquia related to tension structures

B.  Discuss and share the information about key trends and future issues about tension structures

C.  Contribute to the organization and editing of Special Issues of Journal of the IASS related to tension structures

Activities during 2013-14

  • Organized two WG Sessions for the IASS Symposium 2014 in Brasilia.
  • The officers of the WG extended international communication by serving in the following ways:
    • Ken'ichi Kawaguchi is serving for MSAJ (Membrane Structures Association Japan) as one of the Executive Committee members. He wrote a short guidelines for membrane ceiling systems in 2014 (in Japanese). He also served as the chair of the committee for the safety of the non-structural components in AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan), and this committee published the "Guidelines for safety measures against accidental fall of ceilings and other non-structural components" (192 pages, in Japanese). 
    • Marijke Molleart is serving TensiNet as a core person.
    • Ron Shaeffer is revising the Tensile Membrane Structures Standard for the ASCE as a member of the committee.

Activities during 2014-15

  • Organized a WG Session for the IASS Symposium 2015 in Amsterdam.
  • The officers of the WG extended international communication by continuing their service activities listed above for 2013-2014.
  • In addition, Ken'ichi Kawaguchi organized ten pre-symposium seminars for IASS2016 Tokyo in many places in Japan. 
  • Several WG members participated in the IASS-endorsed conference "Structural Membranes 2015: Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures," October 19-21 in Barcelona.

Activities during 2015-2016

  • Ron Shaeffer and Marijlke Molleart were invited to MSAJ seminar at Tokyo Garden Palace Hotel to deliver lectures for MSAJ members, on the occasion when they visited Tokyo for IASS2016.
  • Sudarshan Krishnan has taken the initiative for the WG6 OS at Tokyo. 
  • Ken'ichi Kawaguchi organized free post-symposium tour for IASS symposium participants to visit tension structures around Tokyo, after the IASS2016.
  • Ken'ichi Kawaguchi organized the International Design Competition for Young Generation on New National Stadium Japan.
  • Ken'ichi Kawaguchi organized the exhibition of Tent Models made by members of the Japan Tent Sheet Manufacturers Association, at the Ito Hall, the venue of IASS2016.

Activities during 2016-2017

  • Ron Shaeffer and Ken'ichi Kawaguchi were invited to SEWC colloquium at Bangalore July 13-15 to deliver lectures.
  • Sudarshan Krishnan is organizing the WG6 session for IASS2017.
  • Ken'ichi Kawaguchi has designed a membrane structure, of which roof is supported by a tensegrity towoer and a pentagonal tensegrity skeleton, and constructed at Kashiwa campus of the university of Tokyo.
  • Several WG members are going to join the IASS-endorsed conference "Structural Membranes 2017", October 9-11 in Munich.

Current Membership

All current members of the Working Group, listed below, are members of the IASS. The Working Group welcomes additional members who have an interest in Tension Structures; those interested should please contact one of the Co-Chairs of the Working Group.

Prof. Dr. Ken'ichi KAWAGUCHI (Chair) - Japan
Prof. Marijke MOLLAERT (Co-Chair) - Belgium
Prof. Ronald SHAEFFER (Co-Chair) - United States

Eng. Salvador ALDECOA - Philippines
Dr. Paolo BECCARELLI - United Kingdom
Dr.-Ing. Joao FONSECA - Portugal
Prof. Dr. Slade GELLIN - United States
Dr. Gian Carlo GIULIANI - Italy
Prof. Dr. Qinghua HAN - China
Dipl. Ing. Eberhard HAUG - France
Prof. Dr. Kazuo ISHII - Japan
Mr. Michael ISHLER - United States
Ass. Prof. Masaya KAWABATA - Japan
Prof. SeungDeog KIM - KOREA
Prof. Dr. Sudarshan KRISHNAN - United States
Dr. Eng. LAINEY - Canada
Prof. Tien LAN - China
Prof. Dr. Stefan MEDWADOWSKI - United States
Prof. Rene MOTRO - France
Dr.Eng.Arq. Juan Gerardo OLIVA SALINAS - Mexico
Prof. Ruy Marcelo de Oliveira PAULETTI - Brazil
Prof.Dr.Eng. Masao SAITOH - Japan
Dr. Ahmad SALAHUDDIN - Zimbabwe
Prof. Dr. Joerg SCHLAICH - Germany
Prof. Dr. Werner SOBEK - Germany
Prof. Dr. Narendra SRIVASTAVA - Canada
Dr. Jorg UHLEMANN - Germany
Prof. Qilin ZHANG - China


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