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Working Group 8: Metal Spatial Structures


Encourage and organize presentations, reports and publications on projects, designs and research related to Metal Spatial Structures.

Current Objectives

The overall objective of WG No. 8 is to develop and publish structural guidelines for design and construction of metal spatial structures.  At present WG No. 8 is focusing on two principal design concerns: "Buckling" and "Earthquake Response."  For both foci, WG No. 8 works from the following two aspects:

  • Aspect A: Organize sessions at IASS Symposia to promote discussions and exchange information among IASS members
  • Aspect B: Publish State-of-Art Reports on Metal Spatial Structures. 

A special study group within the WG is concentrating on the dynamic behavior, including the earthquake response.  More recently, a new Working Committee has been organized to draft a Guide to Earthquake Response Evaluation of Metal Reticulated Roof Structures.

Activities during 2015-16

Aspect A:  Following the past organized sessions at IASS2010 in Shanghai, IASS2011 in London, IASS2012 in Seoul , IASS2013 in Wroclaw, and IASS2014 in Brasilia, an organized session on BUCKLING AND DYNAMIC BEHAVIOR of metal spatial structures was held in IASS2015 in Amsterdam. In the session in Amsterdam, an outline of the "Guide to Earthquake Response Evaluation of Metal Roof Structures," being under preparation. In IASS2016 Symposium in Tokyo a special session will be open to discuss earthquake response and its control to supply further information to be included in the Guide.

Aspect B Step (1) Buckling: With emphasis on "Buckling," with connection to the IASS members in Japan, the Shell and Spatial Structures Committee of the Architectural Institute of Japan published in 2010 a review book (total 367 pages, in Japanese, reference 1) with the title "Buckling and Strength of Lattice Shells." From early 2011, Working Group has been organized to publish "(Draft) Guide to Buckling Load Evaluation of Metal Reticulated Roof Structures" based on recent activities of WG No. 8, and this Guide is now open to IASS members through WG 8 and the IASS Technical Activity Committee. If you write to Chair of WG 8 or Chair of the IASS Technical Activity Committee, the Draft is available. At present WG 8 are collecting suggestions, proposals and other information for the Draft, and these can be sent to one of the co-chairs of the WG. Recently some of WG 8 members have published, as one of WG 8 activities, a paper on reliability of buckling load in J. IASS, Vol.56 (2015) Vol 3, then to be followed by a new one in very near future; and these are to be added as commentaries to the report.

Aspect B Step (2) Earthquake Response: At present, a new Working Committee of the WG has been organized to prepare "(Draft) Guide to Earthquake Response Evaluation of Metal Reticulated Roof Structures." Not only Journal of the IASS papers but also papers which have been presented in the previous organized sessions are to be referred to in the Draft. Chair of WG 8 invites people who are interested in this activity to join into this Working committee. For this preparation, the WG has a plan to list references summarizing papers concerning "Earthquake Response" from the Journal of the IASS and various Proceedings of IASS Symposia. WG 8 welcomes IASS members to send their valuable papers and examples of realized structures for inclusion in the guide to Chair or Co-chairs of WG 8.  In IASS Amsterdam, a special session was organized for Earthquake Response Evaluation.

Current Membership

The current members listed below are all members of the IASS. The WG is eager to add members from all parts of the world.  Discussions continue for publication of state-of-the art papers and for preparation of the drafts of the structural guides.  IASS members who are interested in these activities are welcome to join; please contact one of the Co-Chairs.

Prof. Toru TAKEUCHI (Chair) - Japan
Prof. Dr. Su-Duo XUE (Co-Chair) - China
Prof. Dr. Shiro KATO (Co-Chair) - Japan

Prof. Karim ABEDI - IRAN
Prof. Dr. Pei-Shan CHEN - Japan
Dr. Feng FAN - China
Dr.-Eng. Masumi FUJIMOTO - Japan
Prof. Charis GANTES - Greece
Prof. Dr. Qinghua HAN - China
Prof. Dr. Koichiro ISHIKAWA - Japan
Prof. Dr. Ken'ichi KAWAGUCHI - Japan
Prof. SeungDeog KIM - KOREA
Prof. Dr. Tomohiko KUMAGAI - Japan
Prof. Dr. Carlos LAZARO - Spain
Prof. Dr. Yongfeng LUO - China
Prof. Dr. Shoji NAKAZAWA - Japan
Dr. Toshiyuki OGAWA - Japan
Dr.-Eng. Christian STUTZKI - United States
Prof. Yoshiya TANIGUCHI - Japan
Dr. Konstantinos TSAVDARIDIS - United Kingdom
Dr. Jin-Zhi WU - China
Dr. Kenji YAMAMOTO - Japan
Prof. Tetsuo YAMASHITA - Japan
Prof. Dr. Susumu YOSHINAKA - Japan
Prof. Qilin ZHANG - China
Prof. Dr. Xudong ZHI - China


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