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Working Group 12: Timber Spatial Structures


To disseminate state-of-the-art information on the structural design and architecture of timber spatial structures and promote their use as an environmentally benign form of construction.

Current Objectives

  • To propose a special issue of the Journal of the IASS on "Bio-based and Bio-Inspired Environmentally Compatible Structures."
  • To develop a web-based archive of timber spatial structures and timber technology on the WG12 area of the IASS website
  • To publish a state-of-the-art report on the structural design and architecture of timber spatial structures.
  • To expand the membership of the group interested in timber grids (single layer, double layer, reciprocal frame, lamella); shells; grid shells; domes and vaults; bridges; innovative timber-based materials; engineered timber; joints; bamboo structures; historic and high-rise timber structures.

Recent Activities

Organized a double special session on "Computer-aided Design of Timber Structures" for the IASS Symposium 2013 in Wroclaw with 10 papers (organizer Dr. Andreas Falk).

Organized a special session on "The potential of reduced environmental footprint through timber spatial structures" for the IASS Symposium 2014 in Brasilia with 5 papers (organizer Dr. Andreas Falk).

Dr Andreas Falk, Royal Inst. of Technology KTH, together with Professor Norihide Imagawa, Tokyo Denki University, organized a joint colloquium of WG12 and WG18 on "Bio-based and Bio-Inspired Environmentally Compatible Structures" at Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo, April 10-13. 2015.

Dr. Falk also organized a special session on "Timber and bio-based design of visionary structures and systems" for the IASS Symposium 2015 in Amsterdam.

Most recently, Dr. Falk organized a special session on the theme "From design to production of timber- and bio-based spatial structures" for the IASS Symposium 2016 in Tokyo.

Current Membership

All current members of the Working Group, listed below, are members of the IASS.  The Working Group welcomes additional members; those interested should please contact one of the Co-Chairs of the Working Group.

Dr. Andreas FALK (Chair) - Sweden
Prof. Dr. Minjuan HE (Co-Chair) - China

Mr. Richard BAKER - United Kingdom
Dr. Benjamin BRIDGENS - United Kingdom
Prof. John CHILTON - United Kingdom
Dr. Gian Carlo GIULIANI - Italy
Arch. Nicholas GOLDSMITH - United States
Dr. Fahriye Hilal HALICIOGLU - Turkey
Mr. John HARDING - United Kingdom
Mr. Nori IMAGAWA - Japan
Prof. Dr. Mamoru KAWAGUCHI - Japan
Arch. Eng. Jerzy LATKA - Poland
Prof. Dr. Sergio PONE - Italy
Dipl. Ing. Gheorghe POPESCU - Romania
Dr. Arch. Olga POPOVIC LARSEN - Denmark
Univ. Lecturer Michael RAMAGE - United Kingdom
Dr. Mario SASSONE - Italy
Prof. Mario SEIXAS - Brazil
Dr. Bhavna SHARMA - United Kingdom
Arch. Eng. Jussi TERVAOJA - Finland
Arch. Eng. Mauro Guido TRAPANI - Italy
Dr. José Maria VELASCO - Spain
Prof. Dr. Qing-Shan YANG - China


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