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Working Group 17: Historical Spatial Structures


The mission of the WG on "Historical Spatial Structures" is the documentation and preservation of the built heritage of the modern era for future generations.

Current Objectives

The current objective of WG17 is to raise awareness and develop identification, rehabilitation and restoration strategies for the 20th C. Heritage of Spatial Structures. 

As one step toward meeting this objective, WG17 organizes special sessions in IASS Symposia. In addition, documentation on reinforced-concrete shell and folded-plate structures in various countries has been started. Later, other types of spatial structures may be considered.

Recent Activities

  • The main activity of the WG17 continues to be the elaboration and documentation of Reinforced Concrete Shell and Folded Plate Structures as 20th C. Heritage.  A website (www.iasswg17.com) has been developed to collect information on these structures and it is open to all IASS members who register to use the website.
  • Organized two sessions, each with six papers, at the IASS-SLTE Symposium 2014 in Brasilia, Brazil.
  • Organized the international conference on "Re-Evaluating Contemporary Designs in Historical Context (RE-ConD’15)" in Istanbul, Turkey, on 22-24 July 2015.

Current Membership

All current members of the Working Group, listed below, are members of the IASS.  The Working Group welcomes additional members; those interested should please contact the Chair of the Working Group.

Dr. Edmond SALIKLIS (Chair) - United States
Dr. Romuald TARCZEWSKI (Co-Chair) - Poland

Prof. John ABEL - United States
Prof. Dr. Sigrid ADRIAENSSENS - United States
Prof. Dr. Görün ARUN (Past Chair) - Turkey
Arch. Eng. Michael Valentin BALZ - Germany
Dr.Eng. Waldemar BOBER - Poland
Prof. Dr. Rosario CERAVOLO - Italy
Prof. Dr. Pei-Shan CHEN - Japan
Prof. Mario Alberto CHIORINO - Italy
Dr. Gian Carlo GIULIANI - Italy
Prof. Takashi HARA - Japan
Dr. Marisela MENDOZA - United Kingdom
Mrs. Dr. Eng Andrea-Terezia MIRCEA - Romania
Prof. Dr. Hiroshi OHMORI - Japan
Dr.Eng.Arq. Juan Gerardo OLIVA SALINAS - Mexico
Dr. Alberto PUGNALE - Australia
Dr. Satwant RIHAL - United States
Dr. Mario SASSONE - Italy
Prof. Edward SEGAL - United States
Professor Emeritus Ronald SHAEFFER - United States
Prof. Ian SMITH - Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Narendra SRIVASTAVA - Canada
Arch. Eng. R. SUNDARAM - India
Prof. Makoto TAKAYAMA - Japan
Dr. Ing Martin TRAUTZ - Germany
Prof. Dr. Vladimir YAKUSHEV - Russia
Prof. Dr. Denis ZASTAVNI - Belgium


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