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Other Conferences Sponsored by IASS

The following conferences were sponsored or co-sponsored by the IASS.  Only recent conferences are listed here in chronological order.  A more complete list appears under the History of the Association.



Dates and Place

2009 Timber Spatial Structures from Antiquity to Present 25-27 June. Istambul, Turkey
2009 The 2nd International Conference on Technology of Architecture and Structure 15-17 October. Shanghai, China
2009 Steel Structures: Culture & Sustainability 25-27 June. Istambul, Turkey
2009 Lightweight Structures in Civil Engineering 4 December. Warsaw, Poland
2010 Steel Structures: Culture & Sustainability 20-22 September. Istanbul, Turkey
2010 2nd International Conference on Solar Power Tower Technology 28-30 September. Bochum, Germany
2011 4th Structural Engineers World Congress [SEWC] 4-6 April. Como Cernobbio, Italy


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