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IASS Membership: Categories and Benefits

All those interested in any aspect of the design, analysis, and construction of lattice, tension, membrane, shell, and other lightweight spatial structures, as well as those interested in the research into their behavior, are welcome to become members of the IASS. Please join the with over seven hundred others from around the world to enjoy the benefits of IASS membership that are described in the table below.

New memberships may be in one of the following three categories of membership:

  • Individual members (€85 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS.
  • Collective members (€425 per year): companies, firms, universities or institutes that share the aims of the Association, wish to support it, and wish to extend the benefits of IASS membership to their staff and to their entire organization.
  • Student members (€10 per year): individuals who share the aims of the IASS and who are currently undergraduate or postgraduate students at a recognized institution of higher learning.

One can join on line or submit a membership application form by mail to the IASS Secretariat.  On-line payments of fees are by credit card, PayPal account, or bank transfer; mailed payments are by bank transfer only.  (Renewals are accomplished by logging in and using the Member Tools page of this website, or by mail to the Secretariat.)

Benefits of IASS Membership

IASS Benefits and Privileges

Membership Category
[The three categories of new memberships in boldface, other categories listed below (§)]
Chapter Representative
(1 Representative per Collective Member, but up to 5 employees designated Collective Affiliates, each of whom have the benefits and privileges as indicated in the right column)
Collective Affiliate,
Chapter Member
Receive print version of J. IASS and of IASS documents
1 copy of each (may opt for e-copies only)
3 copies of each to Representative (may opt for e-copies only)
Access to electronic J. IASS, electronic Symposium Proceedings and all IASS e-documents
Yes for as many employees as desired:
     • J. IASS by IP numbers (*)
     • e-docs through Representative
Reduced registration fees at IASS symposia and colloquia
Yes for Representative and up to five (5) employees designated as Collective Affiliates (*)
Able to join IASS Working Groups
Yes for all employees, especially Collective Affiliates
Access to IASS e-Directory and to Working Group documents
Yes (through Representative and Collective Affiliates)
Vote in IASS Elections and Referenda
Yes (Representative only)
Eligible to submit Project Descriptions to Journal of the IASS
Yes (with publication priority for Project Descriptions submitted on behalf of Collective members)
Profile to appear in the online Directory, viewable by members-only (may opt out)
Yes (Organization with Representative)
Option to publish a business card on the Collective Members Directory on the public portion of the IASS website
Yes, including a link to the Collective organization's website (*).
Listing in the Collective Members Directory also includes the right to submit brief notices of job openings to be posted as a News item on the IASS website, with a link to the organization's website for more details (*).


(*) These membership benefits are optionally available to Collective members, and one can find information about implementing them by clicking here.

(§) An additional six categories of IASS membership are:

  • Senior members (renewals only, €60 per year): Individual members who are at least 70 years of age and who have been IASS members continuously for 25 or more years.
  • Honorary members (dues-free lifetime membership): individuals with a distinguished record of outstanding achievement in the field of shell and spatial structures; conferred only by the Executive Council in the form of either Honorary Membership or the Eduardo Torroja Medal.
  • Awardees (dues-free): Individuals who receive one-year free memberships as part of prizes, awards or recognitions of the Association.
  • Collective Affiliates (included in Collective membership dues):  Up to five individuals designated by a Representative of a Collective member, selected to have the benefits and privileges of this category of membership on behalf of the Collective.
  • Chapter Representatives (€85 per year): An Individual member who serves as the coordinator and liaison for a Chapter (see the Chapters page).
  • Chapter Members (chapter dues, if any, payable to Chapter Representative): Individuals who are members of a Chapter in a region where economical conditions make it difficult for individuals to join the IASS as full members (see the Chapters page).

Finally, there are two categories of subscriber membership that convey only access to the Journal of the IASS:

  • Subscribers: Universities, Colleges and Libraries who wish to subscribe to the Journal of the IASS (J. IASS).  Subscribers and Subscription Agencies should consult the Subscription Information page for full information about subscription fees and options.
  • Exchanges: Courtesy subscriptions for other associations with which the IASS exchanges publications and for repositories such as selected national libraries.

A recent profile of the membership of the Association is available in the Membership Profile page.


[This page last updated 20 April 2017]

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