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IASS Chapters

In those regions where economical conditions make it difficult for individuals to join the IASS, Chapters have been formed. Each Chapter consists of one or more groups of persons who share their contribution to the Association by each paying a partial membership fee to his or her Chapter Representative; depending on local conditions, these partial fees are as low as 1/10 the normal Individual fee.

Following is the current policy for Chapters adopted by the IASS Executive Council on 26 October 2008 with revisions approved 20 May 2012, 9 April 2013 and 16 August 2015. This policy is intended to simplify fee-payment procedures and to give Chapter Members access to the membership privileges of this website, including access to the membership Directory and the Online Journal of the IASS.

[A copy of this policy may be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking here.]

Formation of an IASS CHAPTER

On receiving a formal proposal from a group of interested persons, the President of IASS, with concurrence of the Working Bureau, may authorize the creation of an IASS Chapter. Such a Chapter must extend over a well defined area covering a country, a group of countries, or a geographical region not covered by any other Chapter. (If there are a large number of interested individuals in one country, the Chapter in this country may consist of a number of appropriately sized groups, each of which is treated as a Chapter under this policy.) In addition, the area must be one where economic conditions make individual membership in the Association difficult according to the following criterion. Once authorized, Chapters operate under the aegis of the IASS and in pursuance of the Association's statutory objectives. 

The criterion for accepting a new Chapter in a country is if the Gross National Income per Capita (GNIPC) for that country is less than the world average GNIPC for the most recent year available. Existing Chapters may continue to operate and may apply for renewal at the end of their term if their GNIPC exceeds the world average but is less than twice the world average. [The GNIPC ranking should be obtained from the World Bank Data Catalog at http://datacatalog.worldbank.org.]

Membership of an IASS CHAPTER

Membership in an IASS CHAPTER is open to all those who would otherwise qualify to become members of IASS. Thus all those interested in adding to and promulgation of the knowledge of shell and spatial structures are included, such as architects, engineers, builders, researchers, teachers, students, historians of art, architecture and engineering, and others. It is intended that the term "shell and spatial structures" be interpreted in the widest possible sense, including such lightweight structural systems as membranes, cable-supported structures, masts and towers, space structures, etc.

Number of Members in a Chapter

The number of members in a Chapter, n, shall be generally 10 or fewer, except that it may be established at a different value by the President, with the concurrence of the Working Bureau of the IASS.

Categories of IASS Membership

Each Chapter shall be constituted with two categories of IASS membership as follows:

  • One Chapter Representative. Each group of n members of the Chapter who are not also members of IASS shall elect from among themselves for a period of six (6) years one person, the Chapter Representative, who shall become an Individual member of IASS, with all duties, rights and privileges of membership, including the right to vote and to receive the Journal. In addition, each group of n Chapter members shall receive, through the Chapter Representative, one print copy of the Journal. The Chapter Representative shall pay to the parent organization, IASS, the usual annual dues of an Individual member of IASS. The Chapter Representative shall serve as the liaison between the Chapter and the President, the Executive Council, and the Secretariat of the IASS, including providing on an annual basis (with the renewal of his or her membership) the list of all currently active members of the Chapter, including their e-mail addresses.  Providing this list is essential to maintain the status of the Chapter.  If such a report is not submitted, the President shall have the right to cancel the Chapter.

  • n1 Chapter Members. They shall pay no dues to the parent organization, IASS, but at the discretion of the Chapter Representative may pay to him/her annual dues up to one n-th (1/n) of the annual dues of the individual member of IASS; these Chapter members shall be entitled to attend IASS Symposia at an IASS member's discount rate, and to participate in all activities of the Association, including Working Groups. They shall not have the right to vote in IASS elections, nor the right to hold office in the parent Association. Once registered with the IASS Secretariat by the Chapter Representative, they shall have the same access to the IASS website as Individual members, including access to the online Journal.

Governance of the Chapter

Each Chapter shall organize itself in a manner appropriate for local conditions and Chapter activities.

Duration of Chapters

The term of existence of an approved Chapter shall be six (6) years. If at the end of this period the Chapter wishes to continue, a renewal proposal with justification shall be presented to the President of the IASS. The decision for renewal of the Chapter shall follow the same procedures as used for approval of the formation of Chapters.

An added benefit for Chapters

The IASS Executive Council has approved and expanded a benefit for Chapters:  the right to designate up to three libraries in the country or region of the Chapter to receive free electronic subscriptions to the Journal of the IASS.  Chapter Representatives should contact the IASS Secretariat to receive documentation about the policies and procedures related to this benefit, including the eligibility conditions for the designated libraries.



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