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Options for Collective Members

International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures

As described in the Membership page of the IASS website, there are four options that may be exercised by Collective members, and Representatives of Collective members are urged to take advantage of these to extend the benefits of membership to employees and staff members of their organization.  This page provides instructions for the Representative to implement or modify these options.  [A PDF-document version the Collective members' benefits and of this page may be downloaded by clicking here.]

1.  Access to the quarterly electronic Journal of the IASS for as many employees or staff members as desired.  This entails implementation of the subscription to the Journal by IP number, an option that is offered upon joining or, after membership is established, by editing your membership Profile (accessed by logging in to the website and selecting Member Tools > Edit your Member Profile).  In either case, follow the instructions to enter as many IP numbers of the desktop computers of your employees or staff that you wish (in all locations of your organization).  [Alternatively, you can e-mail a list of the IP numbers - or changes to your list - to the IASS Secretariat (iass@iass-structures.org) for input by the Secretariat.]  After the IP numbers have been entered, any and all users of a computer with an authorized IP number need simply to open www.iass-structures.org/index.cfm/journal.home or, if already online at the IASS website, to choose the menu button "Online Journal" that appears at the very top of each page.

2.  Designation of employees as Collective Affiliate members.  Each Collective member can designate up to five (5) employees or staff members as Collective Affiliate members so that they can play active roles as members of the Association and can obtain the benefits of this category of membership as detailed in the Membership page of the IASS website: full access to the members-only portion of the IASS website including to the electronic J. IASS and to the Working Group content, reduced registration fees at IASS symposia and colloquia, and the option to have a profile appear in the online Directory.  These memberships remain valid as long as the Collective membership is current or until canceled by the Representative.  Please e-mail a list of your designees with full name, email address and mailing address for each to the IASS Secretariat (iass@iass-structures.org) for input by the Secretariat; and when their membership is activated, they will be notified with an invitation to log in to complete their member profiles and to begin their active membership.  You may change your designees at any time (such as upon renewal of the Collective membership) by emailing changes to the IASS Secretariat.

3.  Posting a business card in the online Collective Members Directory.  Collective members have the option to provide a professional "business card" for inclusion in the Collective Members Directory page that is being prepared for the public portion of this website.  By appearing in the Directory, your organization will be signaling its support of the IASS and will receive further publicity among not only members but also all who visit the website.  Information for the business card should be submitted by e-mail to the IASS Secretariat (iass@iass-structures.org) and should consist of the following:

  • Name of the organization
  • Logo of the organization (in a standard image file format, such as JPEG)
  • Concise statement of the principal business or activity of the organization
  • Location of site(s) or principal office(s) of the Collective member
  • URL of the Collective member's website

4.  Posting of brief News items about job openings.  Although the IASS, as a nonprofit association, is unable to accept paid advertising on its website and in its journal, the association extends the courtesy to Collective members who have already posted a business card to post brief notices of job openings as News items on the IASS website.  Please e-mail a request to the IASS Secretariat (iass@iass-structures.org) with a brief draft announcement, including a link to the organization's website where more details of the opportunities can be sought by readers.


[This page last updated 4 September 2015]

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