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IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century

IASS Symposium 2016

SESSION: Timber Structures & Environmental Compatibility

TECH Transportable Emergency Cardboard House

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Timber Structures & Environmental Compatibility
  • Pages: 9
  • Title: TECH Transportable Emergency Cardboard House
  • Author(s): Jerzy F. Latka
  • Keywords: emergency architecture, cardboard, paper as a building material
Transportable Emergency Cardboard House is lightweight, sustainable and energy efficient cardboard structure designed to be used as an emergency house for a refugees and victims of natural and human-made disasters. The structure of the house is composed of materials based on paper . The project aims to create small easy to transport and build by non-professionals housing, education or health-care units. Usage a common products from paper industry allows to create cheap and energy efficient in whole life-cycle structures: the production process (recycled material), transportation (lightweight), assembly (no need for heavy equipment), usage (better insulated that given contemporary solutions) and demolition (recycling of the used components). TECH is designed to be produced off-side and transport to the site in form of components. The project was a design task of the Bucky Lab students at TU Delft during summer semester 2014/15. The prototype of TECH was constructed at TU Delft campus.

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