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IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century

IASS Symposium 2016

SESSION: Timber Structures & Environmental Compatibility

Production system of wooden space frame architecture

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Timber Structures & Environmental Compatibility
  • Pages: 10
  • Title: Production system of wooden space frame architecture
  • Author(s): Hiroyuki Miyahara, Katsuhiko Imai, Kiyoshi Shogatsudani, Yoshinori Fujita, Ryosuke Kanki, Osamu Saitoh, Masumi Fujimoto, Michihiro Kita
  • Keywords: wooden space frame, cored wood, culled wood, production system, software network, structural analysis, fabrication, construction, economic analysis
This paper presents the innovative production system of the wooden space frame (KiTruss) it includes form generation of KiTruss, generation of the common data file that most programs accesses, structural analysis, fabrication system, construction methods and quantity survey & estimation. A fabrication system where unskilled local people can participate in fabricating members was developed. The fabrication of space frame member is generally considered a work requiring advanced technology, but this fabrication system does not need any advanced technology. As the system is designed to hide the technology to the people, they can fabricate it easily. This is the idea of the so-called 鼠ocal consumption of locally produced products.・Because of the ease of assembly of the KiTruss members on the construction site, even the workers of local construction companies can construct them without any difficulties. As a result, the utilization of local labour and material contributes to the local economy.

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