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IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century

IASS Symposium 2016

SESSION: Structural Morphology

Multistable Slit Caps

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Structural Morphology
  • Pages: 10
  • Title: Multistable Slit Caps
  • Author(s): Paul Maximilian Sobota, Keith A. Seffen
  • Keywords: bistability, multistability, Foppl-von Karman plate theory, large deflection shell structures, snap-through buckling, post-buckling analysis, nonlinear varying Gaussian curvature, analytical solution
Multistable shells are structures that have more than one stable state of self-stress. We demonstrate for the first time that an initially stress-free, hemispherical cap with isotropic behaviour can gain at least three additional stable shapes and, hence, states of self-stress, if it is sliced partially along a given axi-symmetrical meridian. The usual initial and inverted configurations are only slightly affected by slicing. The other configurations are elicited by extra deformations about the inverted shape, which now performs a pre-stressing role. The experimental results are confirmed by finite-element simulations, and it is shown that initially rotationally symmetric structures can gain three stable configurations. Motivated by this, a simplified analytical approach using Fpl-von K疵m疣 plate theory is undertaken to analyse the bistable properties of shallow spherical segments. It is shown that the boundary conditions have a dominating influence on the occurrence of multistability.

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