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IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century

IASS Symposium 2016

SESSION: Deployable Structures

Miura-ori based folding cell structure

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS 2016 Tokyo Symposium: Spatial Structures in the 21st Century
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Deployable Structures
  • Pages: 9
  • Title: Miura-ori based folding cell structure
  • Author(s): Anastasia Ioannidi, Katherine Liapi
  • Keywords: cell structure, Miura pattern, folding, material thickness accommodation, flexural hinge joints
This paper presents a novel concept of a 3D cell structure that can be easily deployed, collapsed and transported, and can be utilized for habitation and other purposes in emergency or temporary situations. In its initial stage, the structure consists of two identical parallel surfaces connected to each other with transverse linear members. Each surface is divided into slightly slanted square shaped surface elements connected to each other that fold according to the Miura crease pattern. As the structure deploys, an array of 3D cells are created between the two surfaces. The structure is a one-DOF mechanism, and it presents a compact configuration in its collapsed state. Although small scale physical and digital models have proven the validity of the concept, in the full scale application of the concept, several constrains related to the material thickness emerge. Such issues have been successfully addressed and are discussed in the paper.

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