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IASS-SLTE Symposium 2014: Shells, Membranes and Spatial Structures: Footprints

IASS Symposium 2014

SESSION: Latin-American Symposium on Tension Structures

Construcción experimental de una cubierta retráctil ligera

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS-SLTE Symposium 2014: Shells, Membranes and Spatial Structures: Footprints
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Latin-American Symposium on Tension Structures
  • Title: Construcción experimental de una cubierta retráctil ligera
  • Author(s): Carlos César Morales GUZMÁN
  • Keywords: Transfromable systems, roof design and construction details
The development of this structure was carried out by the experimental investigation of an organic geometry in architecture, consequently was taken as reference fractal geometry, as this helped to form a flexible and adaptable in nature are versatile structures that adapt to highly variable contexts, noting that concept is realized with the application of a light and retractable structure, thereby also note that the generation of this system can be built very quickly if we included the ability to fold, for that reason support this prototype was to direct the traveling theater concerning the architect Emilio Pérez Piñero, which is also based on the principle of a folding structure, but the proposed prototype improves the efficiency of joints, as in our structure is improved fixation with members to vent, creating a more structured and unified node which helps absorb the pressure and suctions wind on both sides of the structure, giving greater stability and balance to the structural system, the usefulness of this structure may have many architectural features, exhibitions, indoor auditorium and events of various kinds in which a large clear space is required, a clear cash transversely of said structure is 25 m by 27 m in length, has an effective cant 2m, which works as soul armor open circular the prototype was performed experimentally Steel A36 S235 European name, its nodes were developed following the design of bi-articulated connections to have the maximum flexibility, with the same material are the member, who stays mantle in the bottom of the cover "Velaria" was proposed with a membrane - Fluitop Serge Ferrari - T2-1002, with a resistance RK (daN/5cm) 420/420, modulus of elasticity (t/ m) 50/50, red, the most outstanding design of this prototype was the construction details as being a second order structure, which enters plasticity is so thin that the thickness of the material is offset by having in prestressing their unions, as this balanced tension and compression generated in t his mantle, this effect helped by the design of the articulated accessories such details, it should finally be mentioned that the model is only partially completed, as the second part of together this model consists of two large recessed retractable geodesic that give the final figure of the organic project.

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