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IASS-SLTE Symposium 2014: Shells, Membranes and Spatial Structures: Footprints

IASS Symposium 2014

SESSION: Latin-American Symposium on Tension Structures

Prefabricated bamboo structure and textile canvas pavilions

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  • Proceedings Name: IASS-SLTE Symposium 2014: Shells, Membranes and Spatial Structures: Footprints
  • ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
  • Session: Latin-American Symposium on Tension Structures
  • Title: Prefabricated bamboo structure and textile canvas pavilions
  • Author(s): Mario Augusto SEIXAS, José Luiz Mendes RIPPER, Khosrow GHAVAMI
  • Keywords: pavilions, bamboo, deployable structures, sustainable technologies, spatial trusses
According to the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP, the construction sector is one of the most polluting of the planet, consumes approximately 50% of global natural resources and accounts for 25 to 40% of energy consumption, 30 to 50% of solid waste generation and 30 to 40% of the emission of greenhouse gases. Working in an interdisciplinary approach in the areas of Industrial Design and Civil Engineering, the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro PUC-Rio have been developing technologies for the production of healthy human settlements by using natural materials, the dissemination of potentially sustainable processes and the tripod of research-production-use on the physical and cultural environment. This article aims at the dissemination of a new typology for building Ecopavilions developed by the Bambutec company, formed by researchers and former students of the University, in partnership with PUC-Rio and with financial support from Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro FAPERJ. Produced in 2013 and first mounted in Rio de Janeiro, features a number of innovations to this kind of structures, performed on a temporary or permanent basis. The assembly engineering of Ecopavilions employs a prefabricated structural system modules armed on the ground and uplifted by a set of elevators powered by human strength. The invention is characterized by spatial trusses treated bamboo and benefit from composites of raw clay, natural fibers and castor oil polymers that ensure protection for weathering and durability of parts. The connections are eccentric, employing ropes and textile craft moorings. The roof uses hinged shells bamboo bars, covered and stabilized by tensioned textile canvas. The results obtained showed the properties of mounting and dismantling, using connections that minimize fatigue of the constituent parts, the ability of adaptability of the work, the compression for transport, storage and its deployment without the need for a construction site but a square mounting. The lightness and mobility of structural components, manufacturing techniques and materials employed favor the design of new forms for construction, the clean use of local installation, the formation of a new profile of skilled builders, resulting in agile execution little waste, little noise, low power consumption and low environmental impact.

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