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IASS Symposium 2013

Annual Symposium

2013 IASS Annual Symposium: Beyond the Limits of Man

ISSN: (Electronic Version) 2518-6582
ISBN: 978-83-7493-787-0

Edited By: Jan P. Obrebski and Romuald Tarczewski


Pioneering long-span structures set new horizons in construction; hence the title of the symposium is "Beyond the Limits of Man."  The symposium brought together the world elite of engineers, architects, researchers, contractors and suppliers in the field of spatial structures.  The resulting proceedings constitute a review of recent advances in the design and construction of buildings, new methods of analysis, and current trends in technology development.

This symposium includes technical sessions organized by nearly all of the IASS Working Groups on their respective topics of focus.  In addition, the contributions offered apart from the coordination of the Working Groups are grouped into a multi-part general session.  Included as well are three special sessions:

  • The collected Plenary Lectures
  • The special session on Pier Luigi Nervi: Heritage, Design Approaches, Structures
  • Polish Contributions to Spatial Structures

Romuald Tarczewski
Chairman of the IASS 2013 Symposium

Front Matter for the Proceedings of the IASS 2013 Symposium

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