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Benefits of IASS Membership

The benefits of IASS Membership are listed in the following, and each benefit listed is followed by a statement of which of the nine categories of membership are eligible to receive that benefit. 

e-Publications: Full access to the electronic edition of the Journal of the IASS, all Working Bureau reports and recommendations published by the IASS, and all other IASS e-documents. (As of April 2024, all non-members as well as all members have full access to the electronic Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposia.)

Eligible: All nine levels of membership: Individual, Senior, Student, Distinguished, Awardees, Collective Representatives, Collective Affiliates, Chapter Representatives, Chapter Members,

Print Journal: Print edition of the Journal of the IASS, by surface mail, four times per year (March, June, September, December).

Eligible: Options for up to one copy for Distinguished members, and up to three copies per Collective member; Individual, Senior, and Chapter Representative may elect to purchase at a cost of 50 Euros per year above their normal membership fees.

Publication: Contribution of proposed technical papers, project reports and discussion to the Journal of the IASS and conference papers to IASS Symposia and Colloquia (all subject to peer review)

Eligible: Although membership is not mandatory, all levels of membership are encouraged to submit manuscripts to the journal and to IASS symposia.  Note that most IASS Working Groups organize sessions at the Annual Symposium.

Working Group Participation:  Able to join IASS Working Groups subject to expression of interest and intent to be active.

Eligible: All nine levels of membership.

Reduced Conference Fees: Discounted registration fees at all IASS symposia and colloquia.

Eligible: All nine levels of membership.

Access to Directory: Ability to develop contacts within the IASS through the online members-only Directory, including the option to post one's own profile and to browse or search the profiles of other members.

Eligible: All nine levels of membership.

Voting Rights: Vote in annual IASS election for candidates for the 24-person Executive Council and  in referenda to approve the actions of the Executive Council and to amend the Statutes of the Association.

Eligible: Individual, Senior and Distinguished members plus Collective and Chapter Representatives.

Benefits Exclusive to Collective Members:

  • Collective members are eligible to join posting on the Collective Members' Business Cards portion of this site to indicate that they support the goals and activities of the IASS through their annual membership, and that they extend the benefits of membership to their staff and organization.
  • Collective members are eligible to subscribe to the Journal of the IASS by IP numbers so that they can extend access to as many employees as desired.

Benefit Exclusive to Chapters:

  • Chapters have the right to designate up to three libraries in the country or region of the Chapter to receive free electronic subscriptions by IP numbers to the Journal of the IASS.
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