international association for shell and spatial structures

Newsletters published before the launch of the new (current) website in May 2018 and earlier, all in PDF form, contain links to the former IASS website that is no longer functional. They are included here for archival purposes.  Should you choose to read them to obtain snapshots of recent IASS activities, please be advised that the links are unlikely to work and that you should focus instead on the written content of the document.

   IASS Newsletter 2018_1  
   IASS Newsletter 2017_2  
   IASS Newsletter 2017_1  
   IASS Newsletter 2016_2  
   IASS Newsletter 2016_1  
   IASS Newsletter 2016_(Complement)  
   IASS Newsletter 2015_1  
   IASS Newsletter 2014_1  

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