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Subscription Information

Libraries and other organizations may purchase subscriptions to the Journal at annual subscription rates set from time to time by the IASS Executive Council. The term or all subscriptions is based on the calendar year, and each volume consists of four issues published in March, June, September and December.

  • Agency Subscribers: Most libraries and similar institutions place and renew subscriptions through subscription agencies rather than through this website. 
  • Independent Subscribers: However, firms and small entities may become "independent subscribers" by placing subscriptions online through this website. 
[Note: Subscribers do not have access to the full papers of the online Proceedings of IASS Annual Symposia, which are published as an electronic version only and are available only to members of the IASS.]

How to Subscribe and Renew

New independent subscriptions to the Journal can be placed on-line by selecting Subscribe here.  

Independent subscription renewals can be placed by using Member Tools > My Profile (requires log in). Note however, that Independent Subscribers have the option to change their membership level to Individual in order to obtain not only the journal but all the other Benefits of Individual membership.

If you are a subscription agency, select the following text for information: Information for Subscription Agencies

Subscription Fee Rates

The following subscription fee rates are those charged to both agencies and independent subscribers (agencies typically charge an additional fee for their services). Effective for all subscriptions beginning on 1 January 2019, the current annual rates and options (payable in Euros by credit card or bank transfer) are:

Subscription Type  Rate      Comments
Electronic Version only (ISSN 1996-9015)   
€110     Rate unchanged. See advantages and options below.  
Print Version only (ISSN 1028-365X) €180     Rate increased, see note below.
Both Print and Electronic Versions €250     Rate increased, see note below.

Note: The above rates were changed by the Executive Council in July 2018 because the IASS has decided to largely phase out the print edition except for those members and subscribers who agree to pay a premium to receive the print version.

Advantages and Options for the e-Journal

Electronic Version Advantages:
  • All articles in PDF format with unlimited downloads allowed
  • No special licensing agreement needed beyond a valid subscription
  • Access to all digitized back issues (currently from 1996 forward)
  • Saves trees!  Saves mailing!  Saves binding!  Saves space!
Electronic Version Options:
  • All electronic subscribers have access to the e-journal hosting site Ingenta Connect by log-in and password, which is sufficient for most independent subscribers
  • But in addition for libraries, Collective members and other large groups, the option is available for access by IP number(s) - without log-in and password - by connecting directly to the hosting site for the e-journal, Ingenta Connect*

*Note: Access by IP number(s) is available upon registering one's independent or agency subscription with the Ingenta Connect hosting website with the subscriber code issued by the IASS.
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