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International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures



As of Sunday, 22 April 2018 all membership transactions on this site are suspended while the IASS transitions to an entirely new website on May 1. During this transition period, membership applications and renewals as well as edits to members' profiles are not accepted in order to freeze the membership database for transfer to the new site, a process that will take several days.

For those wishing to join IASS to take advantage of the discount in registration fee for the IASS 2018 symposium, please note that you can preserve your registration fee discount by joining the IASS at any time between May 1 and up until the moment you check in at the symposium registration desk on July 16.

The URL of the new website will remain www.iass-structures.org, and there will be a "JOIN IASS" menu item on the top of every page.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.










PLEASE DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING FORM because the resulting membership data will be excluded from the transfer to the new website system.

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