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Journal of the IASS

September 2012 issue

The Association publishes an international journal, the Journal of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures in print (ISSN 1028-365X) and on line (ISSN 1996-9015).  The current frequency is four times yearly, and the months of publication are March, June, September and December.   Typically, one issue per year is a special issue on a particular theme with guest editors and invited papers.

All categories of members of the IASS automatically have access to the journal (see below for details of members' subscriptions), while libraries and organizations may purchase subscriptions.

Online access to the electronic edition of the J. IASS is by the menu button "Online Journal" at the very top of each page of this website.  The online journal includes all issues from 1996 forward.  The tables of contents, abstracts, keywords and other article metadata are visible to the public, but one must be logged in as a member or subscriber to view the full articles and/or to download them as .pdf files.

For more information about subscribing and/or contributing to the journal as well as reviewing individual contributions, please see the following subsidiary pages, linked below or from the menu on the right:


All Members Automatically Receive Access to the Journal

Subscriptions to the Journal are included in the membership dues for Individual, Senior, Collective and Student members and for Chapter Representatives.  Free subscriptions are provided to Honorary and Exchange members and to Awardees.

All categories of members are eligible to access the electronic version, but Students, Awardees, Collective Affiliates and Chapter Members are eligible to receive only the electronic version. Individual, Senior, Honorary and Exchange members and Chapter Representatives each receive one copy of each issue of the print version of the Journal, while Collective members receive three copies of each issue; however, these categories of members have the option of receiving both the print and electronic versions or only the electronic version, although the former is the default.  The option to go entirely digital can be exercised on line while logged in by selecting Member Tools > Edit your Member Profile.

Collective members also have the option of electronic subscriptions by IP numbers (similar to those available to large libraries) for as many desktop computers in the organization as desired, including those at multiple office sites.


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